Sustainable Forwarding

Eco Sostenibilità

Dear Customers,

In order to achieve a high level of Sustainable Forwarding, ALLTRANS, through its C.E.O. Mario Enrico Disegni, Vice President of ALSEA (Lombardy Freight Forwarders and Hauliers Association), is actively committed to promote the creation of a specific program, dedicated to Forwarding Companies.

ALLTRANS has always been a competent partner that offers ecological alternatives to traditional shipping solutions. Our sustainability improvement programs are proof of this.

In reality, we want to take another step forward, acting as an environmental competence partner for our customers and suppliers.

A program that is well integrated with our it system will allow us to access the most recent tools to further satisfy our customers' needs for eco-sustainable transport solutions, both with regard to our operating procedures and with regard to the choice of carrier partners.

Our Sales Department will remain at disposal of our interested clients in order to discuss all related details. Trusting our initiative may meet the appraisal of our Clientele, we take this opportunity to express our deepest thanks for the continuous support we receive.

The Management