Authorized Exporter - Status

We inform our kind customers that, except for further extensions, starting from January 26th 2020 the Customs Agency, with note protocol n. 91956 / RU, will modify the procedures that regulate the issue of the circulation certificates EUR1, EUR MED and ATR eliminating the pre-approval, which allowed their availability in very short time.

Starting from January 2020, companies that do not have the status of Authorized Exporter, currently required for the declaration of preferential origin to South Korea, will have to submit a specific request for the EUR1, EURMED and paper ATR certificate to the relevant Customs and wait the issue. The lack of pre-approval may cause a slowdown in the issuing time of the certificate.

In view of this, in the presence of the requirements of preferential origin, companies can consider requesting the status of Authorized Exporter to countries that have signed agreements with the European Union, except for Canada and Japan, countries for which the origin preferential must be attested with the registration in the REX database. The Authorized Exporter Status allows operators to declare preferential origin on the invoice, replacing the Eur1 request.

ALLTRANS remains at the complete disposal of its customers for clarifications. Do not hesitate to contact our sales department in case of need and to view our website in the NEWS section, for details on the procedure, advantages and countries with which the EU has signed bilateral preferential agreements (Free Trade Agreement - FTA).

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